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Our mission is to promote social activism through art, architecture, design, sustainable farming and technology to cultivate civil engagement for global impact. Dhillon Marty Foundation is not an organization acting as one, but the sower of seeds that grow into participation and engagement by many.

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Franco-Punjabi Alliance: Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup


August 20-30, the Foundation will hold the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup at the famous Polo Club Saint Tropez. The project’s goal is to signify and strengthen Franco-Punjabi relationships that started when French Generals helped Maharaja Ranjit Singh prepare his army to defend Punjab. To learn more about the story click here.

The #FreeToBe T-shirts have arrived!

Get your t-shirts now for 2000 yen (plus shipping for international orders) and join us at the flash mob!
Place your order (size and quantity) to
communication at dhillonmarty dot org


#FreeToBe Flash Mob: Fashion Liberation

The Foundation is organizing a flash mob to be held in Tokyo in May for the promotion of equality in all aspects of life.  We raise awareness of gender equality and the freedom of expression through clothing by producing t-shirts that will be worn by #FreeToBe Supporters during the flash mob.

Contact communication at dhillonmarty dot org or visit our Facebook Event page and join us!

We hope you will take part and support the #FreeToBe movement!

FREE event poster

Franco-Punjabi Alliance: Singh Le Lion

For the centenary of World War One, we will be commemorating Sikh soldiers who fought in France. We would like your contribution to share stories of Sikh soldiers and their families. To learn more about the project click here. To share your story click the link below.

Share Your Story


  • The great sacrifices of Sikh soldiers are depicted in historical accounts. To learn about how Sikh Soldiers contributed in the battles in France during World War One click here.

WWI sikh arriving in France

  • To learn about the battles fought by Sikh soldiers in France click here.

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