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Our mission is to promote social activism through art, architecture, design, sustainable farming and technology to cultivate civil engagement for global impact. Dhillon Marty Foundation is not an organization acting as one, but the sower of seeds that grow into participation and engagement by many.

2016 Global Citizen Conference

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Latest News

Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series – Afghanistan

An interview with Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, the Second Secretary of the Afghan Embassy in Japan.

Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series – Mexico

An interview with the Mexican Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Carlos Fernando Almada López.

Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series – Belgium

An interview with the Belgian Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Gunther Sleeuwagen.

2016 State of the Community

“Building Inclusive Community of Citizens of Multilayered Identity”

We are excited to announce that our annual symposium will be held in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France from November 21 to 22, 2016. Youths from institutions around the world are invited to converge and participate in a series of interactive workshops, competitions and exhibitions during this conference. This year’s topic will be “Building Inclusive Community of Citizens of Multilayered Identity.”

We are currently accepting proposals for delegations. For more information on the conference, click here.

Sonia Dhillon Marty Interviewed by Polo Women as VIP (Very Inspirational People)


Franco-Punjabi Alliance: Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup


From August 20-30, 2015, the first  Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup was held at the famous Polo Club Saint Tropez. The project’s goal is to signify and strengthen Franco-Punjabi relationships that started when French Generals helped Maharaja Ranjit Singh prepare his army to defend Punjab. To learn more about this event click here.


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