Every Decision Counts

Ana Erjavec and Blaž Habjan

 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture and Institute and Academy of Multimedia in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are not free. Being manipulated by our own greed and our leaders is not freedom, losing our homes and our lives and being scared of what tomorrow brings is not freedom, thinking we can’t change the world and accepting it the way it is, is not freedom.
Fear has been used as a tool for manipulation in our society. Casualty rate of terrorist attacks in Western Europe in the last 10 years has decreased since 1970, yet our fear is stronger than ever. We let fear restrict our lives and when fear takes over, our perception of the world disfigures. It imprisons our minds and steals focus from our goals. We feel powerless and submissive. We do as we are told and we stop questioning information we receive. To stop questioning is to stop learning.
If we stop learning, we will never overcome our fear because learning about the past brings understanding of the present. This is how we will be closer to knowing where our future aims. Such self ­awareness is the first step on our way of regaining foresight. Being aware of what fear and terror do to our consciousness and subconsciousness gives us a choice of overcoming their primal effect.
An abundance of free data available today is generating knowledge that could be used to change our world. Today we have more information available than ever, making knowledge the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Although it’s a choice, it’s also our responsibility. We are responsible for what happens tomorrow, which is nothing more than a consequence of the choices we make today.
The world we live in has not resulted in what it is over night. Numerous decisions were accepted and adopted. Some better than the other. We have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make. We can’t expect to make a poor decision now and then and that it won’t count, neither can we expect to find a solution in extreme decisions. With each and every decision we make, we should ask ourselves how it will affect us and others. Every considered decision we make will bring us closer to a better world and every poor decision will bring us closer to giving in. At first giving in seems like an easy way out, but even doing nothing has consequences. Everything that terror needs in order to win is for us to do nothing.
We are not powerless. Knowledge is our power, but not if we don’t act upon it. Knowledge is only a tool in our hands and how we use it is up to us. We should all try to set an example for the world we want to live in. We should start by respecting each other, no matter the differences. We all have the same basic needs, we all breathe the same air, we all take the same sweet and the same sour. We all love and we all get hurt. We all win and we all lose. We are all passengers on the same boat, part of one single family. We thrive to achieve prosperity for all. Sharing, caring, teaching, asking, listening and learning are principles that can be easily applied to broaden and expand our knowledge. And the wider our knowledge is, the better decisions towards prosperity we can make.
Society is the sum of decisions, based on relations between its members. Regardless of how modest our decisions are, they build up to crucial changes such as social equality, basic education, basic health care and safety. Consistency with each and every right decision we make, will lead us to a world where people are healthier, happier, more productive, more rational and therefore make better decisions. Thriving in a way of life, where an individual is not under constant stress and has basic needs fulfilled will bring us more free time which is essential for creative thinking and personal development.
Through the process of personal development we realize what past decisions have done to us and where they led us. A retrospection on our acts and decisions will show us how we became what we are and most importantly, help us seek and understand new ways to improve.
It is very important, how and which decisions we accept. At this point, it is evident that it’s not the scale of a decision that matters, but the way we do it. The principle is simple. We take into consideration each and every decision we take, keeping in mind that we should make them for the best of the social progress, starting with everyday choices and decisions. Educating people around you about those principles leads to progress. There is either progress or regress. There is no such thing as being still and no such thing as doing nothing. The world’s happiness and joy are our responsibility. Our actions are our responsibility.
We can instantly see changes on a smaller scale, but imagine multiplying those changes by every day and every one of us. Imagine the future we can start creating today. Safe for children and inspiring to the youth. The future of content, not regret. World full of opportunities and respect, not fear and hate. We live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery.
Thinking about changing the world is not enough. We need action and yet not just any, we need the right ones. Maybe we won’t succeed in our first try. But, we have to keep trying and only that is how we will keep improving. Failure should not scare us. It gives us valuable feedback and experience which means learning. By learning we are expanding our knowledge which guides us in every decision we take because every decision counts.