Sonia Dhillon Marty dedicates her life to building civic engagement for socio-economic sustainable world through creative projects in art, architecture and technology. She is also the President of Dhillon Marty Inc. which builds smart cities’ infrastructures. In 2008, she established a wine brand French Kiss, becoming the first foreign-born woman to obtain a liquor license in Japan. She shares her time between Japan, US, France and India to actively build the Foundation’s programs.
She has a BA in Fine Arts from Punjab University, India, and MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University, USA. Certified Public Accountant since 1992. Cisco System and Deloitte & Touche experiences provide the business know how on building a fast growing organization.


Sudiksha Ghimire, intern at Dhillon Marty is doing her MBA at KFA Business School affiliated to Lincoln University College, Malaysia. She has been working over the operational, administrative, IT and accounting department of BPOs operated by clients abroad. Sudiksha, believes in hard work, dedication and effective time management to develop herself as all round personality.


Sena Fukumoto is a Programs Coordinator at Dhillon Marty. After studying law at Waseda University, she joined the team in 2016 to pursue her interest in social activism and citizenship education. Grateful for an amazing opportunity to connect with fellow young global citizens, Sena commits to planning/execution of projects at Dhillon Marty. She is a co founder of SOAR (Students' Organization Assembled for Refugees) and an alumni of IVHQ Argentina's Community Building Program. Her passions include visual arts, traveling, Eastern Philosophy, Yoga, mountain climbing and foreign languages (Spanish, French, Korean).