Georges Kepenekian


Georges Kepenekian is the First Deputy Mayor of Lyon City, France.


At first a physician, he worked at the Hospital St-Luc St-Joseph in Lyon as surgeon-urologist and also became Director of Strategy of the hospital.


He was elected Deputy Mayor for Culture and Heritage of the City of Lyon in 2008 and became the first Deputy Commissioner for Culture,  Events and citizens’ rights in 2014.


As First Deputy, he is in charge of various important projects: he’s in charge of relations with the cults in the city, he’s also the project manager of the International City of Gastronomy, and was elected in 2014 Deputy Chairman of the Committee of cities to host Euro 2016. Furthermore, he is Chairman of the EPCC of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, and since June 2015, Chairman of the EPCC Confluence Museum.