There are many ways to make a difference, both for individuals and institutions/companies. Please contact us at info-at-dhillonmarty-dot-org for any inquiry regarding how you can contribute.

Personal Contributions


Spread the messages for peace and equality through social media pages, Facebook, Youtube, TwitterInstagram and Google+.



Your donation can directly support our initiatives. Our annual conference is coming up, and we need YOUR support to make it possible! Help us bring youths from all over the world to create a voice for a sustainable and just global community at State of the Community 2016.



If you share our values and objectives, join us to make social contribution, as well as for personal and professional development. Work on a project as a project based volunteer, or take on an internship role. We would be happy to discuss how you can join the team. 

You can also take part in our activities by just adding your voice to our campaigns. Be the change, join the movement!



We would love to join hands with your organization to extend the reach of our initiatives. 

Invite Us

Invite us to speak, or host our Free to be Campaign at your school, universities and companies.


Partner with Us

We invite like-minded institutions to partner with us for our annual conference and year around campaigns on universal values to educate and engage the citizens of the world. 


Sponsor Us

We are proud to work with a diverse group of foundations and corporations, dedicated to giving back by investing in our shared communities. 

  • In-Kind Donations: airline tickets, hotel stays, catering, transportation, art materials, cameras, computers, printers, software, and other electronics
  • Pro-Bono: legal, administrative, accounting or other professional services like training sessions, IT expertise, web services, and tools
  • Gift Matching: Many companies have programs through which they will “match” the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through gift matching, you can leverage your contribution to Dhillon Marty Foundation and reinforce the value of its programs to your employer and coworkers. Conditions and criteria for gift matching vary by employer. Some companies offer a payroll deduction plan. If you are a company representative and would like to start an Employee Matching Gifts program for your employees, please consult with us.