Andrés Roemer

Andrés Roemer is a free thinker, writer, philanthropist, and an internationally recognized public intellectual who is passionate about critical thinking and social mobility. He was born in Mexico City in 1963As a Fulbright, Ford, and Harvard scholar, he earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy with academic distinction in1994 from UC Berkeley, and a Master's degree in PublicAdministration in 1991 from Harvard University, where he received the Don K. Prize Award for academic achievement and commitment to public service. 


Dr. Roemer is also the author of 16 books on diverse topics such as freedom, gender equality, art, social development, soccer, law, economics, crime, evolutionary psychology, cultural mobility and public policy. Moreover, one of his two national award-winningplays, Oskar and Jack received the Theatre JournalistsAssociation Award for Human Rights Defense. In 2006, Microsoft Corporation designated a special award in Dr. Roemer's name, the "Andrés Roemer Prize for the Developmentof Society" which is awarded to social changers who benefit their country through economic analysis of law and public policy. This award has been granted in cities such as Barcelona, Caracas, San Salvador, Bogotá, Mexico City, Brasilia, Lima, Quito and Santiago.


His multiple efforts were publicly acknowledged in 2014, when he received the prestigious Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award from the University of California at Berkeley. Later on, in 2016, he was awarded the Grand Decoration of Honor, Degree of Cross Official, granted by the Austrian Government, for bringing the "Haus der Musik" museum to Puebla, Mexico. His acceptance speech regarded the importance of arts and music as a tool for societal change and inclusive prosperity. 


Dr. Roemer is also known as a great communicator who speaks up about a variety of critical topics with broad implications for social prosperity. As a journalist, he has been the producer of more than 1,200 television broadcasts and more than 500 radio programs titled: "Thinking about Thinking". Due to his impact in journalism, he was awarded the National Award for Journalistic Excellence form the Mexican Journalist Association.


Today, he is an active member of the Richard Dawkins advisory board as well as the Eduard Punset's board for promoting social change through scientific knowledge. Dr. Roemer is also the cofounder of the internationally celebrated Ciudad de las Ideas festival which empowers citizens by spreading knowledge and allowing for critical thinking. Furthermore, he's leading numerous global initiatives such as the Gifted Citizen Award which grants 100,000.00 USD to an initiative that improves the life of 10,000,000 people in the next 6 years. The Gifted Citizen Award has received over 6,000 applicants and has created an inclusive entrepreneur community throughout the world working in cooperation with Singularity University and the Duke of York


Dr. Roemer will be the first Mexican recipient of this award and his contribution to society exemplifies UNESCO's highest values.  


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