Bahjat Rizk

Bahjat Rizk was born in Beirut in 1961. After studying law, political science, philosophy and comparative literature, he was appointed a lawyer at the Court and a university professor. He is currently Cultural Attaché to the Lebanese delegation to UNESCO. 

EDUC: Notre dame of jamhour, St Joseph University, London University and Sorbonne University.

Dipl: LLM in law, Dea in Philosophy, Dea in Pol Sc, Dea in comparative literature.

Career: lawyer at court since 1983, teacher of philosophy at Athénée de Beirut College, (1986-1989) teacher at American university of Beirut, Beirut University College, Notre Dame University and Haygazian University (1986-1989). 

Teaching: Islamic political thought, modern Islamic political institutions, International public law, Business Law, history of Modern world.

Publ: in french : L’identité en fuite (1981) Passions (1990) Mères intérieures(1991).L’identité pluriculturelle Libanaise (2001) Les Paramètres d’Hérodote (2009).In arabic : the pluralism in Lebanon: identity and political regime(2006).