Dhillon Marty Hojoki Workshop: “Beauty Award”

Playful Shift Concept

Team: Takato Tamagami, Zhang Ye, Sarina Da Costa Gomez, Shintaro Saeki

 Equilibrium means a state of balance. In the wake of any major natural disaster we seek first and foremost to restore that sense of balance. What develops beyond the point of the basic human needs of immediate shelter is human interaction. Be it through the design of stronger more resilient architecture, or adaptive, mobile temporary structures, these neighborhoods require action and attention from within their respective communities. It becomes about the balance between people, humans and nature and the materials we use.

In our society where cities are becoming similar across the globe, we see great value in the preservation of site-specific culture and traditions. There is an inarguable charm in the wisdom that has been handed down for many years in traditional crafts and cultural events. Inspired by its simplicity and Japanese heritage we focused on the folk art of NANKINTAMASUDARE.

NANKINTAMASUDARE was born in Toyama Prefecture, as a tool to tell the story of traditional arts; simulating elements such as a fishing rod, bridge, and mountain by changing the SUDARE while dancing to fit the song. SUDARE means a traditional Japanese bamboo blind, used to control the light by compressiong the rods aligned horizontally or vertically.

NANKINTAMASUDARE allowed for a shift in shape and a flexible folded state by adding a mechanism for sliding and twisting the structure of the SUDARE.

By way of reference of the structure of this mechanism, the pavilion we are proposing will provide the user with a simple, portable and compact opportunity to adapt to various environments. Through implementing the same mechanical system, various spaces are born depending on the location and creativity of those involved. As with the toy, the aim here would be to allow room for fun, as well as fostering a sensitivity to history, time and place.

As the landscape shifts from emerald mountains to impressive cities and riverside towns, so we move to adapt to our new surroundings. Shifting and correcting for our needs and each new environment.

Presentation Panel 1
“Beauty Award”: Presentation Panel 1
"Beauty Award": Presentation Panel 2
“Beauty Award”: Presentation Panel 2