The Dhillon Marty Foundation’s Change-makers Alliance is a curated e-learning & networking platform for selected change-makers, from around the world, to develop critical thinking and civic values.


Role description

As a Fellow at the Change-makers Alliance, your main role is to develop critical thinking skills among junior and young members of the Youth Forum. Mentor the youth on all types of skills such as writing, critical analysis, design, multimedia, technology etc.



  • Age 30+
  • Shared vision
  • Proven academic track record
  • Proven record of involvement in change-making initiatives
  • Expertise in the Change-makers Alliance fields of interest
  • Ability to teach and develop critical thinking skills in youth (15-30 years old)


Membership benefits
The Change-makers Alliance will provide you with opportunities to:

  • Provide curatorial support on designing online discussions to build civic values through critical thinking exercises.
  • Moderate such online discussions
  • Guide youth to develop communication campaigns on civic values
  • Write and contribute to our research papers
  • Make your projects and abilities known to the Change-makers Alliance network
  • Connect with like-minded change-makers from around the world


What is expected of you

  • Provide guidance to the Change-makers Alliance members in online classrooms and in designing and implementing communication campaigns.


Roadmap of a Fellow

  1. Your role starts with a three-month trial period, during which your skills will be aligned with our workshops and with the mentoring needs of the youth.
  2. Within the trial period, get involved in 3 projects. After each project, your performance is peer-reviewed by the youth and rated by the curatorial team.

Upon successful completion of the probationary period, you become a fellow collaborator of the Change-makers Alliance, which provides you with a certificate of fellowship, a letter of recommendation from the Dhillon Marty Foundation.