2016 Phrase of the Year Finalists Abstract

Lige Bao, Yuki Nagae, and Muhui Zhang

 University of Tokyo IHS program, Japan


Visiting (the) Old, Learning (the) New

The present world has an unimaginably dynamic flow of technical innovation and inter-personal exchanges. Are there universal qualities that contribute to a global citizenship identity? (read more...)

Ana Erjavec and Blaž Habjan

 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture and Institute and Academy of Multimedia in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Every Decision Counts

We are not free. Being manipulated by our own greed is not freedom, being manipulated by our leaders is not freedom, losing homes is not freedom, innocent people losing lives is not freedom (read more...)

Marwa Houssam Bourafeh

Almanar Modern School, Lebanon


A closed mouth gathers no feet

Standing up for our rights is a must. Standing up against violence and inequality is an obligation. Asking for peace is our right. However, how would we find peace, if we don’t work for peace? (read more...)

Diva-Oriane Marty and Saci-Elodie Marty

American School in Japan, Japan


Opt for Opportunity

Equality is not enough. Equality has been placed on a pedestal as the solution to all our major world issues.  Today, under the law of many democratic nations, everyone is viewed as equal (read more...)

Max Moore and Elsie Moore

University of Oregon School of Architecture and Yale School of Public Health, USA


Achieve 2°

Climate change is the greatest challenge of the century and one we must all work together to tackle. Innovations and developments in health and design have (read more...)



Kaja Novak

 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia


It's Either Death or Taxes

As we live in a capitalistic society, money is the most powerful thing we know. We work like crazy to get it, spend it on the most stupid things, sometimes just to show others that we have it (read more...)