“Phrase of the Year” Competition Registration

Please complete the following application to submit your "Phrase of the Year" no later than October 20, 2016

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A famous quotation or a word or create your own phrase
How does your Phrase answers the current issues? How will the discussion on your Phrase help the World? How do you propose to engage the World on an active discourse on your Phrase?
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In case you are experiencing difficulty submitting the contact form, please email your proposal to info-at-dhillonmarty-dot-org. 

Thank you for participating in the "Phrase of the Year" Competition.

Supporting documents for your "Phrase of the Year" application or any questions can be submitted to: info-at-dhillonmarty-dot-org.

The data submitted by the participants will not be returned by the Foundation.

10 entries making the finalist list will be announced on October 25, 2016 on our website.

We will also contact the finalist teams via email.