Inclusive Society


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India, 2014

Purpose of Conference and Competition:

 The conference is very fitting to India’s traditions, from the foundation of its cultural and religious history, through the present day integration of its multi-faith demographics. International students and scholars from the fields of art, design and the social and physical sciences will converge to discuss topics that are fertile ground for advancing research in their respective fields of expertise for seeding social, economic and environmentally sustainable societies in the region. We will ask participants focus their participation in the following three conceptual areas: (1) contribution, (2) learning and (3) reflection. Learning will be conducted by immerging in historical sites, villages, cities, farms, landscape, nature, culture and people. Contribution will involve a competition to design an inclusive society. This could be done in the form of landscape architecture, video art, or an essay to a dance performance, among other creative mediums. Reflection will conclude the final day of the conference with a symposium and exhibition of the competition works.

Theme and Questions:

The conference topic, “Inclusive Society – its rights and duties”, is intended to encompass additional questions that we will ask all participants to contemplate during the competition and symposium.

Inclusive Society: What can we learn from our World history of many different models of governance, urban designs and economic models to design a utopian society for the 21st century and beyond for a sustainable future for our small earth?

Rights and Duties: How do we balance between the rights and duties of people, the environment and the society at large for the betterment of all in a sustainable manner?