Our mission is to develop the “people” to become world citizens whom would transform the global society of the 21st century into a healthy and prosperous place for all. To develop world citizens, we promote social activism through art, architecture, design, sustainable farming and technology to cultivate civil engagement for global impact. The Foundation supports art and culture and creates opportunities for artists, architects and designers to contribute to society by participating in different projects. The foundation is not an organization acting as one, but the sower of seeds that grow into participation and engagement by many.

What are your unique abilities that you can contribute to make a difference in this world?
If you share the Foundation’s values and objectives, there are many opportunities at our organization to make social contributions as well as for personal and professional development.

The Dhillon Marty Foundation seeks for assertive and pro-active interns for the positions listed below. These internships represent a great opportunity to have international exposure while working on unique projects and can lead to ongoing roles at the organization. Moreover, the foundation has an extensive international network and is connected to renowned universities and scholars of institutions. Interns will not only have the chance to put into practice their knowledge, but will concurrently learn about social issues at a global scale.


IT Staff
Technology based solutions, research new web technologies, test new services/software.

Multimedia Staff
Photography, audio, video, animation (recording, creation, editing and maintenance of audio-visual material).

Web Designer/Developer
Updating the website using WordPress.

Writing blog posts, recording foundation’s events, projects and activities.

Promoting foundations events, projects and activities.
Wine marketing

Design posters, flyers, brochures using either Photoshop or GIMP 2.

Event Planner
Wine sales and promotion.

Projects Assistant
Assist in development and implementation of ongoing and future projects. Act as a bridge between the foundation and counterparts for each project. Ensure participation of volunteers. Suggest innovative ways to achieve project objectives.

Conduct research related to the foundation’s project objectives in the fields below. Writing reports and impact evaluation.
Fields: Regional Studies, Health and Hygiene, Gender Equality, Economic Development, Women Studies, Sustainable Farming, Environmental Science and Agriculture.


Location: Tokyo
Working Hours: 9am to 6pm
Compensation: Internships are unpaid and allowances for accommodation, transportation and meals will not be provided.

Applicants should have full technical knowledge and the ability to solve problems and work independently. They should be diligent, organized, a team player, punctual and self-disciplined.

Business level of English is required.

Interns should be available to attend activities whenever the foundation deems necessary. This includes activities organized by the foundation, outside promotional events, business and or social meetings.

To Apply
Those interested in these positions should send their complete resume in English via email to info at dhillonmarty dot org