Franco-Punjabi Alliance

Dhillon Marty Foundation works to promote better understanding between people. The programs, Singh Le Lion and Franco-Punjabi Polo Cup, aim to share the rich history between France and Punjab since Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s reign when French generals served in his army, and the continuance of their alliance during World War I and World War II, where sacrifices of Sikhs were made on French soil to free France.

France is a secular country that commends the separation of government policies and religious affairs – laïcité. We will present the shared values of secular society and human equality between the Sikhs and French. To keep the fanatics from trampling on the freedom and safety of the people in France, the law on secularism and conspicuous religious symbols is enforced. The conspicuous religious symbols, including Christian symbols, are prohibited in primary and secondary schools. Sikhs are very much welcomed in France. Therefore, we hope the acknowledgement of shared values will help build better understanding and respect of the culture.

Singh Le Lion

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Cup