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Through a contemporary art exhibition in France during the Centenary of World War I (2014-2018), we aim to showcase Sikh valor that contributed to the liberation and protection of France. Lest we forget the great sacrifices, we search for stories that illustrate the brave contributions of Sikh veterans to share to the world.

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Share Your Story

If you are interested in contributing stories of Sikh veterans, please go to the “Share Your Story” link above.

Veterans in alphabetical order according to their first name.

Sowar Dasaundha Singh
Sepoy Hakim Singh
Sepoy Hakim Singh
Risaldar Hardit Singh Dhillon
Sepoy Labh Singh
Sepoy Labh Singh
Sepoy Mangal Singh
Sepoy Mangal Singh
Corporal Naick Mahan Singh
Corporal Naik Mahan Singh
Subadar Manta Singh
Lancer Naik Nika Singh
Risaldar Major and Hony Captain Sardar Bahader Ram Singh Dhillon
Jemadar Ram Singh
Jemadar Ram Singh
Sohan Singh
havildar sunder singh
Havildar Sunder Singh