Risaldar Major and Hony Captain Sardar Bahader Ram Singh Dhillon


Ram Singh Dhillon was the eldest son of Risaldar Chet Singh. He joined 9 Hodson’s Horse on 1st November, 1882. He became a Jemandar on 8th March, 1891; Risaldar on 21st December, 1894. He became a Risaldar Major on 16th October, 1907. He was one of the representative detachments to Australia on declaration of common wealth in 1900. Risaldar Ram Singh won a gold medal in tent pegging in Australia.

In 1911 he proceeded to England with the “Coronation contingent” (coronation of King George V) and was awarded the coronation medal. In 1914, when Hodson’s Horse was getting ready to go to the First World War, the commandant 9 Hodson’s Horse Lt. Colonel RB low DSO suggested that since he had been Risaldar Major for seven years he should retire and go home.

Risaldar Major Ram Singh replied, “what will the Indian Cavalry think of me? When the going was good I was Risaldar Major and the Regiment is going to war, I go home. I would be happy to go to war with the Regiment.” He went to France with the Regiment. He retired in 1916 as Risaldar Major Honorary Captain Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh OBI (Order of British India) Class-I. He died in 1917.