Risaldar Hardit Singh Dhillon


Hardit Singh Dhillon was the eldest son of Risaldar Major Honorary captain Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh. He joined 9 Hodson’s Horse on 1 March, 1908 as a sowar. He was promoted Jemanar on 1st September, 1909 and Risaldar on 14 November, 1916. He was worthy major of the Regiment for two years. Before going to First World War with the Regiment in 1914, he told his wife, ‘If I die in battle you will get the pension. If any land allotted, it will go to my mother.”

In France he was decorated with IDSM (Indian Distinguished Service Medal). He was mortally wounded on 2 December, 1917, in the battle of Cambeai. He died on 5 December, 1917.

His wife was allotted 50 acres of land in Lyallpur District. His wife said, “My husband had given instructions that if he dies in battle, pension will be given to me and if any land is allotted it will be given to this mother. Therefore, I refuse to take the land, it should be put on my mother-in-law’s name.”

In 1950 Lt. Colonel Butalia, Captain Iqbal Singh Dhillon and Lt. Duggal were attending a party in Kapurthala, where Scinde Horse was celebrating ‘Miani Day’. Col. Butalia saw an old man wearing MC medal. Col. Butalia asked him with which Regiment he had won his M.C. The old man asked Colonel Butalia which Regiment he was commanding. Colonel Butalia replied that he was commanding Hodson’s Horse. The old man said he was Colonel Dutt and he had won MC when he was the Medical Office with 9 Hodson’s Horse. Colonel Butalia called Capt. Iqbal Singh Dhillon and Lt. Duggal to meet Colonel Dutt.

Captain Iqbal Singh Dhillon asked Colonel Dutt as per Hodson’s Horse Regimental History, when he treated a wounded German Colonel the German Colonel had presented him his iron cross. Colonel Dutt replied that it was not the iron cross medal but the ribbon of iron cross.

Capitan Iqbal Singh Dhillon asked Colonel Dutt his Taya Ji Risaldar, Hardit Singh was wounded on 2nd December, 1917, and died when he was operated. Colonel Dutt replied that he was the last person who had seen Risaldar Hardit Singh alive.

Before the operation, Col. Dutt had asked Risaldar Hardit if he had any will. Risaldar Hardit Singh replied he had two requests. “The first one is my Sahese’ should be sent back to India. Second request is that a message be sent to my mother that I owe the Regimental ‘Bunia’ Rs. 18,000/ – and this amount should be paid to Regimental Bunia. Risaldar Hardit Singh’s mother got the message and gave Rs. 18,000/- to a retired Daffedar to be paid to the Regimental Bunia.