Zoe Van Schoor

The Humanitarianism and Conflict Response Institute, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

In this golden age of technology, more and more people turn to Social Media to catch up with the breaking news of each day. However, today's world is one in which we see the effects of Climate Change right on our doorsteps, and witness gross human rights violations carried out on the voiceless. Unfortunately, not all of their stories make it to our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds. #ShareYourHumanity wants to change that. It wants all global citizens across the world to share their humanity from wherever they are, bringing attention to some of the world's most underrepresented and hidden humanitarian crises. At this moment in time, with phrases such as 'Fake News' circulating around the Web, Share Your Humanity wants to be the force of change in Social Media trends. It wants ordinary people to mobilise in extraordinary ways and let the world know that we value all life, even the ones we don't hear about enough. #ShareYourHumanity is designed as a hashtag so that it can be easily shared across Social Media platforms and is able to be followed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. From this hashtag, the hope is to see people from all over the world participate in a conversation on how we, as global citizens, can bring more attention to those whose stories are yet to be told, and what we can do more of in an offline space, too. In this way, the hope is to educate and inspire those who are not familiar with humanitarianism to get involved in projects on home soil, in a bid to foster stronger community relationships. In a world where technology brings us together, we want it to bring us closer to those who need our support. Social Media is now the worlds largest and most powerful humanitarian platform on which to mobilise our voices for change. As we have seen already, Social Media has already brought us together in Solidarity for Paris, Brussels, Syria, and more. Now, more than ever, we need to come together for the people of Yemen, Somalia and the Rohingya. #ShareYourHumanity is a simple, fast and effective way to get your message across to as many people as you like, follow and friend. it's short, sweet and memorable. It's not only asking you to share stories, it's asking you to share YOUR stories. We want to hear from anyone and everyone. How are YOU sharing your humanity where YOU are? in this way, it is getting people to be proud of where they come from, and realise that a helping hand and a listening ear is out there, no matter who or where you are. Finally, the video shows you the idea of what we want #ShareYourHumanity to look like. From India, to China, to Uganda, to the United States, we want to know how much you're listening and how you plan to change your space for the better. It doesn't matter how big or small, or how long it takes, #ShareYourHumanity is here to stay and revolutionise the idea of solidarity without borders.