Louis Montagne – Technology Panel Intervention

Simple, yet understandable. Open Source & hacking as a way to enhance security, food & shelter in the digital age.


The digital world is eating peoples’ lives. Either they understand little and use without any second thoughts, or they know a bit and start to fear, or even they don’t and stay away, but get disconnected. Knowledge and sharing is key to make sure the future can be good.


IoT, Robots and AI, in a consumer world, mean user data, automatisation, sales, manipulations, politics, planification, and as it becomes easier to use, hidden, very simple, we just don’t pay attention. This is precisely what we need to check and make sure people can be able to understand : simple must be understandable. RFID must be human. AI must be “reverse engineer ready”. People need to learn how to code, as it becomes as important as knowing how to vote, and both are linked.


When we take a look at the Tragedy of the commons vs Open Source communities, Open Source is one of the only counter arguments, it can be a shared resource, it works.


Hacking, in the meaning of “trying to create stuff rapidly with the knowledge we have, to get more knowledge” (and as Steven Levy described it) is one of the best ways to understand the digital world.


This leads to what we need for a bright future: be able to understand, learn, teach, redo, make other people redo, enhance, start again


Do not fear.