Aashi Narula


The world we live in is not perfect. It is bogged down by real struggles against poverty, disease, hunger ,crime, violence, environmental degradation and ignorance.

Who would not like to live in a kinder, greener, less stress-filled world, right? A world where our kids can thrive and be happy.

Anyone can complain, point fingers and shift blame for the problems that plague our world today, but it takes a difference maker to initiate a positive change in the world. It takes a better man or woman to acknowledge the issues in our world and take small steps toward making a positive difference.

Small actions done with care and a pure heart every day have tremendous value and can influence the world

So, what are the small differences we can make?

Turning off the lights and faucet when not in use, brushing without running the water, recycling-reusing-regenerating products or simply by carpooling, your small efforts will make huge impact on the environment and will help combat issues like global warming.

Being patient, kind and respectful to people who are older than you , offering your seat to someone who needs it more, volunteering at NGOs or old age homes, helping the disabled or giving food and clothes to the poor . Listening to what people have to say (intently) without interrupting or waiting impatiently for your turn, everybody likes to feel loved , you might even help someone come out of depression!

Make the world a positive place to live in, because with positivity nothing is unachievable.

By donating your time or money to helping the poor , by not wasting food and rather donating it to the needy , helping or volunteering to teach people who can’t afford we can bring a positive change.
Every one of us is put on this earth to contribute and make a difference to the world in our own unique way. It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale, you don’t need to be extremely famous or rich to make an impact, it just has to be with the intention of making the world a better place, doing a little bit of good. Baby steps. Small changes. Daily moments of kindness. LITTLE things. These gentle acts of kindness and contributions made by everyone would add up to make a huge impact, a huge difference to the world.

We all have a sphere of influence. Every day we interact with people, the bus driver, the cashier, our families and co-workers. This behaviour may spread through the system because people tend to copy each other. It’s contagious. There’s reciprocity. They would want to do something good, too.
We all see the suffering in the world and we all want to do something about it . But we tend to think that so much is needed and we are just one single person with limited resources. We feel defeated before we even begin. “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” this famous quote by Mother Teresa tells us where to start. With one small step.