State of the Community 2017: Closing Remarks

Sonia Dhillon Marty, President, Dhillon Marty Foundation

We are the hub that wants to catalyse the Youth into a force for change to build a sustainable society, to build a culture of Peace for our interconnected world.

Why do we focus on the youth aged from 18 to 30? Because this is the age when we are most idealist, but also mature enough to take actions. This is the age still dreaming and looking to design its future, this is the age free of the responsibilities and burdens of family life. Thus a change of real magnitude has always come from the youth.

We are calling on the youth to be part of our change-makers community through our digital hub, where we will hold discussions on various current issues to build our common civic values by deploying the methods of critical thinking. This will be a place where to challenge your values and see if they answer to the needs of the modern day society, a place where to meet and network with youth and intellects from around the world to build a discourse.

Let’s meet again this time next year at the annual conference to exchange ideas and best practices to build a cohesive society and a sustainable future for all.