Stephen Boucher

Stephen BOUCHER is the Managing Director of, the leading French online media group to live better, with 2.9 million unique monthly readers. He is the author of three books:  Small Manual of Political Creativity - How to release collective audacity  (2017); Think tanks: the brains of the war of ideas  (2012); and  The Hydrogen Revolution: Towards Clean and High-Performance Energy  (2005), published by Le Félin, as well as numerous forums. He was previously Director of the European Climate Policy Program at the  European Climate Foundation. A graduate of Harvard and Sciences Po Paris, he co-directed the think tank Notre Europe / Jacques Delors Institute for four years. In 2007, he was the designer and organizer of the first Pan-European Deliberative Survey. He was a consultant in European public affairs in London, Brussels and Paris, and adviser for European and international affairs with the Deputy Prime Minister and Belgian Federal Minister for Mobility in the government of Guy Verhofstadt. He taught at Sciences Po Paris and is currently a professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.