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Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series – Afghanistan

An interview with Mr. Mohammad Yasir Karimi, the Second Secretary of the Afghan Embassy in Japan.

Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series –  Mexico 

An interview with the the Mexican Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Carlos Fernando Almada López.

Global Citizen Benchmark Interview Series – Belgium

An interview with the Belgian Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Gunther Sleeuwagen.


Sonia Dhillon’s Interview with Polo Women as VIP (Very Inspirational People)

Free To Be

Full Circle

20 Scrubs Down Goes the Bug


Horse Riding, a Punjabi Birthright

 Punjabis’ passion for horses since the time of Guru Hargobind Singh Ji have allowed horse riding to become an integral part of the history and psyche of Punjab. This short movie presented by Dhillon Marty Foundation explores the comeback of equestrian sports in Punjab through examining the rich Sikh traditions, and how appreciation for horsemanship is present even in modern Punjab.

Hair Cut for Cancer