Welcome to The DM Blog!

An Interactive Space for Seeding Vision

As we approach our 2014 Community Week on ‘Inclusive Society–its Rights and Duties,’ international scholars will be meeting to discuss topics in their respective fields in hopes of seeding social, economic and environmentally sustainable societies in the region. Questions the Dhillon Marty Foundation are pushing participants to answer include ‘How do we balance between the rights and duties of people, the environment and the society at large for the betterment of all in a sustainable manner?’ and ‘How do we strive towards building more inclusive societies?’

The DM Blog will keep you up to date as the team works on creating fertile grounds for these discussions to take place. Moreover, The DM Blog will also be an interactive space for you to converse in! Through blogging about our progress, we hope to hear from you and make this a platform for seeding vision.

Seeding vision is powerful because it helps steer the future path of society, leaving a lasting impact.  Change might not be the best word to describe what Dhillon Marty Foundation is seeking to do. While change often implies all old is bad we believe that is not true. Instead, we find that vision is a more apt word. Thus, to achieve this, Dhillon Marty Foundation will be working with student representatives to create SEE chapters–an initiative to seed vision, beginning with universities. More details to follow soon.

Meanwhile, here are some valuable reflections of participants from last year’s Community Week on ‘Material Equilibrium.


The DM Blog will be a room for thoughts, reflections, and voices put together, so join us in seeding vision one community at a time. Learn how you can take action with the Dhillon Marty Foundation here. Do you have a project idea that shares the foundation’s value and goals? Share with us below or email us at info at dhillonmart dot org