2016 Phrase of the Year Finalist Presentations

Visiting (the) Old, Learning (the) New

We face new challenges with wisdom and courage which we absorb from the old.  read complete essay

Lige Bao, Yuki Nagae, and Muhui Zhang

 University of Tokyo IHS program, Japan


Every Decision Counts

We can’t expect to make a poor decision now and then and that it won’t count, neither can we expect to find a solution in extreme decisions.  read complete essay

Ana Erjavec and Blaž Habjan

 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture and Institute and Academy of Multimedia in Ljubljana, Slovenia

A closed mouth gathers no feet

 Why do you keep your mouth shut for something you know is wrong?  read complete essay

Marwa Houssam Bourafeh

Almanar Modern School, Lebanon

Opt for Opportunity

Opportunity is the catalyst for the idealized essence of equality.  read complete essay

Diva-Oriane Marty and Saci-Elodie Marty

American School in Japan, Japan

Achieve 2°

Climate change is the greatest challenge of the century and one we must all work together to tackle.  read complete essay

Max Moore and Elsie Moore

University of Oregon School of Architecture and Yale School of Public Health, USA


It's Either Death or Taxes

We have come to the point where we either save our planet or destroy it, ... but right now it`s either death or taxes. I vote taxes.  read complete essay

Kaja Novak

 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia