Phrase of the Year 2017 Finalist Submissions

Helen Chen 

 Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Canada

Peace starts at the root - and with all of us

Peace today means more than the state of no war and violence-it is indeed interconnected with the other Sustainable Development Goals such as climate action, gender equality, health and well-being, and ultimately inclusivity for all groups. (Read more...)

Meghna Kanthan & Valli Muthukaruppan

 Nashua High School, USA

Knowledge is a Passport to Responsibility

"Knowledge: awareness gained by experience of a fact or situation. This definition does not encompass the capabilities of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is truth. Knowledge can change the world. But we cannot make a difference if we do not put it into practice.  (Read more...)

Mortaza Behboudi



Most important, Listening and to be heard

In these days we can see the human displacement cause of war, political situation and climate change, most of them Syrian, Iraqis, African and Afghan refugees but the question is how they are living with the people in the host countries? And how they can understand each other? Of course there are different languages and traditions.
Being a refugee and as a journalist made my story and also made my life to understand better, to learn more and to speak. (Read more...)

Said Bouhaj



We Are All One

Faced with the cultural, religious and linguistic diversity that characterizes most states, the current challenge for them is: how can we live together in a stable environment where peace reigns? Thus, how can one reconcile the individual values ​​of individuals with the collective values ​​imposed by the environment in which individuals live? Consequently, how can we convince the different stakeholders that WE SET ALL (WE ARE ALL ONE) with a vocation to convey a philosophy to prevent extremism, discrimination and inequality. (Read more...)

Aashi Narula



The world we live in is not perfect.It is bogged down by real struggles against poverty, disease, hunger ,crime, violence, environmental degradation and ignorance.

Who would not like to live in a kinder, greener, less stress-filled world, right? A world where our kids can thrive and be happy. (Read more...)

Simen Lambrecht & Germana Isacco

Belgium, Italy


Time is irresponsible

I grew up in an era where the existence of climate change became a real battle, where fear of terrorism became more important than hunger and poverty and where nationalism rose hand in hand with separatism in fight against generosity.
Still we blame time for it, and I do the same. (Read more...)

Zoe Van Schoor

The Humanitarianism and Conflict Response Institute, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom



In this golden age of technology, more and more people turn to Social Media to catch up with the breaking news of each day. However, today's world is one in which we see the effects of Climate Change right on our doorsteps, and witness gross human rights violations carried out on the voiceless. Unfortunately, not all of their stories make it to our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds. #ShareYourHumanity wants to change that. We want all global citizens across the world to share their humanity from wherever they are, bringing attention to some of the world's most underrepresented and hidden humanitarian crises. (Read more...)

Sayonara Pereira da Silva

Marshal Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco High School


Focus on today to change tomorrow

Water is one of the most precious possessions we have, but as its waste is very great, serious consequences are already noticed. The human being is putting an end to this resource, which is, however, indispensable to its own survival.
In many rivers, where there were a lot of water years ago, there is currently no more drop, and the trend is that this will happen in several other rivers, including the large ones, such as the Parana River, whose water level comes down with each passing year.  (Read more...)